Legal Document Processor

Preparing legal documents, understanding them and going to court can be an intimidating process. Many people seek the assistance of an attorney when feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork or appearing to court hearings. The pressure to know the law and to complete or understand can be scary to those trying to do everything themselves. Any person can choose to represent themselves in their family law or civil matter. You are not required to hire an attorney. In fact, in many routine family law or civil matters, hiring an attorney is simply not necessary. Depending on your legal needs or your financial circumstance, there may be a more affordable alternative to successfully get through this difficult situation.
As an advocate Gabriela will assist you with preparing your legal documents, support & prepare you through your entire court procedure. Part of her assistance will be to personally researching your case, support and coach you through every court appearance as necessary by walking you through the entire process with the assistance and help of professional attorney’s.

Gabriela is not an attorney. She is not authorized to practice law or to provide any legal advice to anyone.