What is Aflac?

It’s difficult not laugh or at least smile when we see those hilarious commercial about the duck yelling “AFLAC!” every 10 seconds. With a company so big with advertising,  AFLAC has successfully satisfied over 50 million policy holders since it was created by three brothers in 1955. Many types of policies are available from AFLAC.

AFLAC has successfully provided many medical coverage’s to those 50 million policy holders.

But what is AFLAC? AFLAC is Supplemental Insurance, is not required by law and do not have a network or preferred providers.

AFLAC does not pay your doctors, AFLAC pays you directly and you don’t have to report it as income, it’s money that you can use to pay rent, bills, food or whatever you need to pay.

No matter how lucky you are in life, accidents happen. Whether a family member or you has either a serious, or minor accident, you can claim on your AFLAC policy. Surgeries, diagnostic and hospital tests usually leave a family or an individual with out of pocket expenses even after the medical insurance has been paid. AFLAC provides the payout and you are free to use the AFLAC payout for medical uses.

Depending on the type of AFLAC cancer policy you carry, you can receive coverage depending on the many situations you run into in life.

In a critical illness situation, (heart attack, stroke, etc) it’s known that other major medical insurances don’t fully pay it off. AFLAC customers have the option to choose a payment policy that pays out as treatment continues.

As for dental, and vision, AFLAC dental and vision insurance pay out in line with the policy you purchase. Life insurance is also provided as well in AFLAC.

Policies like these generally are deducted from your paycheck on a pretax basis, be ended they are very inexpensive.

Maria B

Aflac Agent

Ins Lic #0J16894

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