Notary Public Fraud

How would you feel if you came home one day and saw your house for sale because of some papers that you signed but were sure that you didn’t. Well, that is Notary fraud.

If you are pretty confused on what a notary public does, here are some information on their tasks and how they contribute.

Notary Public

  • A notary public is an official witness. A notary public performs many tasks and duties compared to a notary. They verify the identity of the signer who appear before him/her. They witness the signer signing the documents needed. They place the official seal on the document which later on leads to the documents being stamped by the notary.

A Notary is a person who is allowed to make certain legal formalities, deeds, certify contracts, and other archives for use in other jurisdictions. A Notary Public goes under oath of office to conscientiously perform the duties of the office. A Notary Public makes sure that the person that is signing the document conceives the importance of what she or he is signing, and that the signature is that of the signer.

Notary Fraud is when the Notary fakes your signature for documents that you were not familiar with. A lot of these cases happen because the Notary wins a significant amount of more money when doing so. This said, the victim of this can recover $10,000 because what the Notary did. As for the Notary, he or she can be held liable for several damages and may be subject to criminal prosecution. Or he or she might have their notary public commission suspended.

Most Notary Fraud cases are common in real estate situations. It starts off with the Notary Public who has been paid to fraudulently concede a document. A situation like this plays out from time to time. This is because all documents require a notary stamp. Remarkably most counties don’t have a system that they can verify authority of a notary. It is also to some extent, fairly easy to receive a notary stamp so this example of fraud is growing increasingly.

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